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"Disability isn't the problem.  What is the problem is convincing others it isn't a problem."  
Lais Kari, a proofreader who is blind.

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Ability At Work

As an employer, do your Diversity Goals mirror your community?

1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a disability, many of which are hidden.

Disability Inclusion is often overlooked as Diversity, however people with disAbilities tend to be good problem solvers, have equal or better safety records, and have higher retention rates.

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is two times higher than those without disabilities

The Eastern Shore Business Leadership Network’s vision to increase the employment rate of people with disabilities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia and Sussex County, Delaware by Putting Ability to Work. 

Let us assist you in connecting you with resources for recruiting, hiring, and retaining the qualified person you need!

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Angie Jarvis


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